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Watching Tegan Nox’s latest injury is just as heartbreaking as you thought it would be

That Tegan Nox, the 23 year old Welshwoman who had to bow out last year’s Mae Young Classic (MYC) when she tore her ACL, suffered another knee injury during this year’s tournament was widely known. When it happened at the tapings, WWE announced it shortly after those in attendance began sharing it online. Nox (real name Stephanie Newell) issued a statement vowing to make another comeback.

Neither WWE nor Nox offered specifics of the match where it occurred, other than to say it happened on a dive. But all other reports mentioned the round and her opponent, so many fans knew it was airing tonight (Oct. 17) on WWE Network.

Even knowing in advance, it was still tough to watch...

Props to both Tegan for trying to work through it, despite clearly knowing something was wrong immediately, and to her opponent Rhea Ripley, who employs the “show must go on” attitude a performer has to, playing her mean-spirited character to the hilt and offering no quarter while still trying to protect her partner.

If seeing her bang the ring steps in frustration and plead with the referee that she’s okay wasn’t heartbreaking enough, WWE also released an exclusive backstage video. It starts with Nox bawling as medical staff tend to her, cutting her boot and kick pad off so they can treat her knee before taking her to the hospital. Triple H, patriarch of the Performance Center, is there to tell her it’s okay...



Get well soon, Tegan. You’re everyone’s favorite to win the 2019 MYC.

Full results from tonight’s episode are here. And if you need a pick me up, watch this video of Haitch telling Mia Yim she’s earned a WWE contract.

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