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Big Show just does things

It’s a running joke that Big Show has turned — be it heel or babyface — so many times in his career it’s impossible to keep count with any kind of accuracy. You could argue it’s a compliment to his skills as a performer, that he’s versatile enough to pull it off, but it often comes at the expense of whatever story they’re telling and/or makes him look awful as a character within those stories.

The latest example of this comes from SmackDown 1000, where Show interrupted the New Day vs. The Bar tag team title match and inexplicably choke slammed Kofi Kingston through a table, allowing Cesaro & Sheamus the ability to become champions. Why did he do this?

Here’s the video WWE put out asking him that, with his answer amounting to a shoulder shrug:

Two shrugs!

He just does stuff, you know? Things.

I guess we should just do like he does — shrug and walk away.

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