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Vince McMahon appears at SmackDown 1000, is wildly cheered

You just knew SmackDown 1000 was going to open with some kind of McMahon family drama.

1,000 episodes into the blue brand, the opening segment tonight (Oct. 16) began with Truth TV and ended with Vince McMahon stealing the show.

With the shadow of the controversy in Saudi Arabia looming large over the entire company, the WWE opened the 1,000th episode of SmackDown with Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon and Vince playing their greatest hits.

Stephanie was loudly booed. Shane came out to a large baby face pop. The pair of sibling fought, about something, then their father came on down to play mediator.

Despite holding Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Nov. 2, Vince McMahon was met with a hero’s welcome when he appeared on live TV.

Sure, wrestlers are reportedly uncomfortable working in Saudi Arabia but here is this McMahon family dance break.

Thoughts on how WWE opened SmackDown 1000?

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