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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: Season 2, episode 5

Season two of WWE Mixed Match Challenge continues tonight (Tues., Oct. 16, 2018) with the latest match-ups in the round robin tournament.

Up next: Team Pawz (0-1) vs. Country Dominance (1-0) and Team Awe-suka vs. (1-0) vs. Ravishing Rusev Day (0-1).

The show starts immediately following SmackDown Live at 10 pm ET on Facebook Watch. See you then!

MMC live blog

Geno here, ready for that comedic action, boss.

Bobby Roode makes his first appearance of the season, replacing the injured Kevin Owens. The “GLORIOUS” thing really isn’t over the way it used to be. Or maybe the crowd just isn’t all that happy that Undertaker showed up just to say three words and bail with a rushed entrance.

Team Pawz vs. Country Dominance

They started with a “Bobby-Off,” because it’s Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode. No one knew who the fans were cheering for, probably because the fans weren’t cheering much at all at this point. Mickie, by the way, had some cool new gear on. Lio Rush, by the way, is still the best, most annoying dude around.

Mickie was mostly in control early on, then Lashley took over and largely did the same. These matches are all fairly standard.

Later in this match, they did a deal where Mickie slapped Nattie just in time for both her and Roode to slap Sharpshooters on their opponents. Mickie tapped but wasn’t legal, so Lio did a distraction to get Lashley out. Not long after he followed up with a spear that was enough to get the pin.

Country Dominance def. Team Pawz

Bayley and Finn Balor did a promo to set up next week’s match against Natalya and Bobby Roode. Then they cut to the Gorilla position for an interview with the aforementioned Team Pawz. Nattie implored Bobby to stay positive. He apologized to her, saying he should have been better. Before he could do his catchphrase, Asuka showed up.

Asuka, who didn’t appear on SmackDown 1000, gets her time in front of the DC crowd. The Miz is decked out in her gear, and it’s great.

Last time we saw Rusev and Lana on Mixed Match Challenge, they weren’t on the same page with the Milwaukee/Aiden English thing. No such issue tonight.

Team Awe-suka vs. Ravishing Rusev Day

They started with Asuka and Lana shaking their asses at each other. Miz was acting like he was going to get tough and the crowd actually started doing the Lana song gimmick. Then everyone started raising their hands to see who would get the most cheers. Asuka won that. Then, it became clear everyone was getting cheered wildly except for Miz, who hated it.

Rusev and Lana then challenged Miz and Asuka to a kiss-off, I think, because they kissed each other before saying Team Awe-suka should do the same. Instead of doing so, Miz and Asuka attacked.

They didn’t ever really offer much, and Lana and Rusev quickly took control, Lana with a dive and then Rusev having his way with Miz. They tried to set up Rusev and Lana doing The Accolade at the same time but it never happened. Lana did her “crush” gimmick, so Miz grabbed a mic and cleared his throat like English usually does, distracting everyone.

This resulted, eventually, in Lana in the ring alone with Miz and him laying on his stomach. With encouragement, she put The Accolade on him. Asuka got in to stop it and Lana actually hit her with a facebuster. Miz broke up that pin and while she was going after him for it, Asuka grabbed her and put on the Asuka Lock to get the submission.

Team Awe-suka def. Ravishing Rusev Day

Tough loss there! Lana was really good!

Miz & Asuka are immediately announced for a match against Day One Glow next week. So, of course, we get the standard promo with Jimmy Uso and Naomi saying they’re going to win next week. Naomi loves Asuka but not Miz and they’ll both “feel the glow.” There you have it.

See you next week!

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