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Cup of coffee in the big time: Ronda Rousey’s controversial promo on Bellas is business as usual for champ

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The Bellas are do nothing bitches with sexually transmitted movesets. This is the new norm in Ronda Rousey trash talking to build up the main event of WWE Evolution.

Rousey’s promo was divisive to say the least. There was an undeniable bit of heat to it and a tone working to establish just how much disdain Nikki and Ronda have for the other’s lifestyle.

There was also an ugly side that feels out of place in modern women’s wrestling, especially as comes to the bordering on slut-shaming.

The bringing back of Do Nothing Bitch — though slightly rebranded to “Do Nothing Bella” — is a reminder of a similarly divisive push from Rousey. While the phrase and it’s ultimate meaning was embraced by Beyonce and there was a short-lived pitch for a Do Nothing Bitches movie staring Rousey and Tina Fey, others saw Rousey’s DNB campaign as an unnecessary judgement of lifestyles.

WWE is certainly playing into the talk first, think later nature of Rousey’s past. She has struck chords and misfired in seemingly equal measure — and often at the same time.

This is a woman who found herself in a “lube-shaming” controversy because someone decided it was a good idea to give her a sex advice column. I don’t need to go into the reasons her talk about “gritty kitty bitches” who should never need lube goes against many principles of good sex, but if you’re interested, here are two articles.

While the promo on the Bellas fell way short for me and others, it seemed to do the job for many.

This is the Ronda Rousey experience, now brought in full to WWE.

It’s not a gif, but it’s still fun: