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I’m already tired of Bullet Club/WWE teases

We’ve still got 2 - 3 months before Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Adam Page become free agents. But we’re already at peak “will the ALL IN gang sign with WWE?” rumor and innuendo.

Or maybe we aren’t. That’s my real fear - that after a week of Cody and Kenny working a Triple H gag on Being The Elite, Omega responding to a Seth Rollins quote online, and a Wrestling Observer Newsletter report on locker room morale issues in New Japan leading to speculation it made Bullet Club departures more likely, that the story came from the Bucks & company as a negotiating tactic, and a Twitter beef between Dave Meltzer & Tama Tonga, the whole crew releasing their final and favorite BC shirts at Pro Wrestling Tees... we could just be getting started.

This morning, a quick joke from Rhodes to Page on the YouTube series Grim’s Toy Show is getting virtual ink. To steal a line from Seth Meyers and The Miz... really?

It’s smart business, of course. And most of it is done in a way which works with their current storyline with the BC OGz in NJPW. No matter, it’s all enough to actually make me side with the Bad Boy in this whole deal...

If I could offer some advice, I’d just wait until they announce their plans at the end of the year and not get sucked into every twist, turn and tease of this saga (which we’ll probably do all over again in a year or two).

But if you want to follow along, we’ll be here, feeding the beast.

Too sweet?

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