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Cup of coffee in the big time: Spotlight on WWE’s upcoming show in Saudi Arabia grows brighter

First, wrestling fans said most wrestling media wouldn’t touch the WWE/Saudi Arabia/Khashoggi situation. When that proved false, there was a change to a narrative the mainstream media wouldn’t care, so it still didn’t matter.

Except that has been proven untrue as well. The story was already being bounced around the media while senators were starting to apply pressure — albeit gentle pressure — on WWE to rethink the upcoming Crown Jewel event.

John Oliver made it even easier for media looking to crack into the story of WWE’s government propaganda events in Saudi Arabia.

If you don’t have time to watch the entire segment — which you should watch — here are the highlights:

The WWE angle of the Last Week Tonight segment has been picked up by several major outlets already, including the likes of Time and The Hollywood Reporter.

More and more media attention is coming, and as the Khashoggi story continues to develop, WWE’s relationship with the Saudi government represents an easy target.

While Vince McMahon and crew appear steadfast in their resolve to go ahead with the show, they’re also making some bizarre modifications to the website. The Crown Jewel event was removed from the schedule entirely for a brief time yesterday, but WWE confirmed they were going ahead with the event and it showed back up.

But, the event page has stripped location information out.

Any scrubbing they’ve done to the website won’t cover for the truth: a larger segment of the world is now watching WWE turn a wild profit while going morally bankrupt.

Let’s go outside the ring for our Monday morning gif.

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