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WWE Raw results, live blog (Oct. 15, 2018): Break it down

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 15, 2018) from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Evolution and Crown Jewel events later this month and early next month.

Advertised for tonight: Ronda Rousey’s response to The Bella Twins turning on her, WWE World Cup qualifying matches, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


As all the bets are taken Aldo lights a smoke, he’s shaking from carnation right to the ground. He knows tonight holds one last chance and give the wheel a final glance. Slippery fingers drop the money down, once he starts it’s hard to stop. He’s keeping up a pace like a tight wound clock and as he leaves the table, “No luck today,” you can rest assured he’s coming back to try again. Wind him up, he can’t stop, he’s wound up tight just like the clock that’s winding its second hand down, but me, I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for y’all, folks.

The show opens with Braun Strowman making his entrance, flanked by his fellow Dogs of War Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

They get in the ring and Ziggler begins, saying you’re looking at the greatest three-man group in WWE history. McIntyre says they did it without any gimmicks like tactical vests, and we get a replay of their victory over the Shield from last week, as well as Dean Ambrose’s fallout interview from after the show where he wondered if he fits in anywhere anymore.

Drew says he hates to say he told us so, but he told us so, and they didn’t just beat the Shield last week, they broke the Shield. He can only imagine where Dean’s mind is now as he tries to figure out where he fits into Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins’ selfish plans, and he reiterates that they’ve been telling us the truth for weeks now. Finally Ambrose’s eyes are pried open and the Shield have been shattered.

Braun says at this rate, they’re not going to be around to protect Roman as he heads on his way to become Universal Champion at Crown Jewel. McIntyre uses this as a segue to talk about his qualifier tonight, saying he’s going to prove to everyone that he’s best in the world, and Dolph cuts him off to mention his qualifier, and after he wins, maybe they’ll go head-to-head in the finals.

Drew says that’d be a shame, because as good as Ziggler is, and he’s absolutely fantastic, he’s no Drew McIntyre. Dolph says he agrees a little bit, he’s very consistent, but they’ll cross that bridge when they get to it. Strowman says at Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are both going to get These Hands.


Reigns and Rollins make their entrance on the stage, sans Dean. Seth says he’s got bad news, they haven’t been shattered nor broken, the Shield is alive and well. They’re back there listening to them yap on and on and he’s got news for them-- when he wins his qualifier he’ll prove that he’s best in the world. Dolph mocks them, asking where Ambrose is, and he says he doesn’t care where Dean is tonight because he’ll take a forfeit if he has to.

Rollins says Dean runs on his own time but he always shows up, and Roman adds that funny part is they’re worried about Ambrose when they should be worried about their titles, and Strowman’ll be going to the back of the line after Crown Jewel. Seth says he’s always liked Philadelphia because it’s a fightin’ town, and since he and Drew are out here together...


...after the break.

Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins (WWE World Cup Qualifying Match)

Rollins feinting off the ropes, circling, keeping his distance, collar and elbow, McIntyre backs him into the corner and he breaks clean at referee Shawn Bennett’s behest. Waistlock, reversal to a side headlock, Seth fails to reverse that and Drew wrenches it in on one knee. Rollins goes to shoot him off, the Scotsman slides low to block, wrenches it in, and at last the Architect reverses to a wristlock.

Arm wringers, Drew with a right hand, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down, leapfrog, hip toss blocked, Rollins ducks a lariat and comes off the ropes with a kick! Two can play at that game, McIntyre goes for a powerbomb and Seth reverses to a Frankensteiner that sends him to the floor! Off the ropes, tope con giro... DREW CATCHES HIM INTO A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR!

Throwing Rollins back inside, he rolls out the far side and Bennett warns him off but Drew heads out and lifts the ring skirt to expose the steel frame! Seth recovers, puts him into the apron and the barricade in turn before drawing him up, but before he can do anything Dolph Ziggler comes down to run interference and McIntyre crawls under the ring! Rollins goes after him and Drew pulls him in hard, putting him face-first into the steel to send us to break!

Back from commercial, McIntyre in control with a top wristlock but Rollins fights out with right hands. Chops get a superkick and both men are down and out! Springboard, Seth trips up but recovers and hits a Sling Blade after landing, Drew right back with the Alabama Slam setup but Rollins counters into a victory roll for two! Sidestep the charge, McIntyre takes the post hard and the Architect follows it up with a blockbuster... NOPE!

Headed up top, Drew cuts him off with an uppercut, jockeying for position, McIntyre gets caught in the Tree of Woe, Rollins climbs... DREW HITS THE SPIDER BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPERPLEX! Dragging himself up, the Scotsman climbs the turnbuckles again but Seth charges in... SUPERPLEX ROLL THROUGH BUT MCINTYRE REVERSES AND HITS THE FALCON ARROW HIMSELF FOR TWO!

Both men to their feet, trading blows, whip reversed, Drew with a club, big boot misses and Seth hits an enzugiri to set up Avada Kedavra! Tuning the band, fending Dolph off, the momentary distraction is enough for McIntyre to recover but Seth clotheslines him to the floor... suicide dive on Ziggler and one on Drew to follow! Back inside, kick to the midsection sets him up, off the ropes... DOLPH WITH THE LOW BRIDGE!


Seth Rollins wins by countout, qualifying for the WWE World Cup.

Dean and Seth stand tall together, united as brothers while McIntyre seethes on the floor.

Commentary hypes Ambrose/Ziggler up for later.

We go backstage where the Bella Twins are walking backstage on their way to the locker room, and then cut to Lita and Trish Stratus hanging out when Bayley rolls up on them for hugs.

Commentary promises us a look at D-Generation X’s announcement from last week for after the break.

Back from commercial, commentary calls for donations to the American Red Cross to help folks affected by Hurricane Michael.

We cut to the Shield walking backstage and chatting jocularly until Dean takes offense to being called a lunatic and asks if he’s just good for a few laughs until they need bailing out, and he storms off saying he’s got his own business to take care of.

The promised recap of D-Generation X’s return follows.

This is followed by a vignette of a boiler room with steam gushing from vents. We see the Brothers of Destruction walking along and Undertaker cuts a promo about respect, and Kane says their respect died with DX’s dishonestly, and their reunion is built on a bed of lies. Taker says deep down in HBK’s black soul nothing but fear kept him away, and Kane elaborates on what kind of fear that might be, namely that he’d get put so deep in the ground that he’d never return.

The Deadman says at Crown Jewel, all of Shawn Michaels’ fears will come true, and Kane suggests that HHH may have won the battle, but he started a war they’ll end at Crown Jewel, whereup on Triple H can slink back to the boardroom and Shawn can head back to the safety of retirement. Are they ready? They have three words in response...


Ember Moon makes her entrance, joined shortly thereafter by Nia Jax, who she’ll be in tag team action with after the break.

Back from commercial in time for the bell and the announcement of a Women’s Championship #1 contender’s match for Evolution.

Dana Brooke & Tamina vs. Ember Moon & Nia Jax

Brooke and Moon to start, Dana overpowering her into the corner and shoving her into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Waistlock Ember escapes, off the ropes but she gets run over with a shoulder block! Legsweep into a cradle, no good, whip countered with a kick and Brooke takes her into the corner and tags Tamina in. Snapmare into a chickenwing chinlock, Moon bridges out of it but Snuka slams her right back down into the hold again.

A huge biel when she looks to escape, Tamina poses and Nia tags in for a clash of the titans! Snuka ducks a lariat, right hands, shove into the corner, lariat into a loose biel and Jax runs her over with a cannonball senton! Sidestep a charge, boot to the midsection, the islanders trading headbutts with aplomb! Superkick denied, fireman’s carry, Tamina fights out, leg kick, fireman’s carry of her own but her knee buckles and Nia goes back to the headbutts!

Off the ropes, Snuka gets her up this time... SAMOAN DROP! She can’t capitalize! Tags made, Ember sets it up...

Ember Moon & Nia Jax win by pinfall with Eclipse from Moon on Dana Brooke.

Tamina and Nia have a post-match staredown, Ember plays peacemaker but gets shoved away and Snuka superkicks Jax! Jawing at her, Moon makes a snap decision and they dump Nia over the top rope together to show us how a battle royal works. Ember tries to dump Snuka cut can’t, Tamina gets her over the top but can’t quite dump her and Brooke runs up to dump both of them.

A recap of the Bella Twins turning on Ronda Rousey follows and commentary promises us comments from Ronda for later before sending us to break.

Back from commercial we get a media roundup for the Bella Twins / Ronda Rousey feud and the Raw Women’s Champion makes her entrance.

She gets in the ring and on the mic and begins after a beat to let the crowd chant for her. She says she’s sure most of us know that the Bella Twins betrayed her in front of the whole world last week, and she just wants an explanation. They owe her that, and she demands they come out and tell her why.

The Bella Twins oblige and make their entrance. Nikki begins by saying no one here paid to see Rousey, they all paid to see her and her sister, and if she wants an explanation, they don’t owe her one. Brie says this is show business, not show friends, and Ronda was the one to disrespect them first, disregarding everything they’ve done for the business.

What did she expect, for them to sit on the sidelines and watch? Seeing Rousey at the forefront of the women’s division made Nikki cringe, and Ronda is just a loser who doesn’t deserve any of it. So she’ll give a history lesson, the Bellas made the word Diva strong and powerful, and their hit reality shows put more women in the crowd. They made the world want to see women’s wrestling, and they’ve done more in the ring than Rousey ever will.

Nikki’s the longest-reigning Divas Champion, and the title Ronda carries wouldn’t even exist without them. They have a back and forth about whose turn to talk it is and Rousey says she tried not to be judgmental even though everything the Divas era stood for made her sick to her stomach. She tried to give the Bellas the benefit of the doubt, and so when they came running up after WrestleMania, she thought like “how cool of these ladies to be so accepting!” and that maybe they could be sister soldiers and drive the women’s evolution together, but that was her mistake.

She was too idealistic, too naive to see that the Bellas are the embodiment of a stereotype, DNBs-- Do Nothing Bellas. They weren’t there to support her, they were there because there was a camera pointed at Rousey, and she’s never seen anybody so desperate for attention. She runs down their ringwork and says they’re not pioneers, they’re relics waiting to be eviscerated like smallpox.

Ronda threatens to rip their arms off and beat them with them, and says that at Evolution only the referees will be holding her back. She’ll ruin them, regardless of how much money that’s poured into marketing them, and turn Bella into a four-letter word. Brie suggests that this all makes her sound really jealous, and the Bellas have done more in the last week than Rousey has done in her entire career.

Ronda says she’s knocked doors down everywhere she’s gone, from judo to UFC, and now she’s knocking doors down in WWE. The only door Nikki’s ever knocked down, she says, is the one to John Cena’s bedroom... and he eventually threw her out that same door. She tells the Bellas to get in the ring and fight, but they just pose and call security out.

Rousey beats them up and hits the swinging Death Valley Driver on one as the Bella Twins beat a hasty retreat! The champion jaws at them for a beat longer to close the segment.

Commentary hypes up Crown Jewel and we get a recap of last week’s battle royal.

Cut backstage where Bobby Roode is telling Kurt Angle how much he likes his straw hat and Hawaiian shirt, and Chad Gable wants hats like that. They call the shirt glorious and take their leave.

No Way Jose and his conga line roll up on Angle and he wants to join the line. They dance off and Baron Corbin rolls up to ask him if he thinks he’s smart. Kurt says he’s enjoyed his time off, and Baron asks how long it’s been since he had a singles match in WWE? Angle says it’s been twelve years, and Corbin says he’s arranged a match tonight. Kurt protests that he doesn’t have his gear, but Baron says he’ll figure something out, and comes back to tell him that the match is a handicap against the Authors of Pain!

Commentary hypes Lita and Trish Stratus making an appearance as well as WWE’s efforts towards breast cancer awareness.

Dean Ambrose makes his entrance for his qualifier and we go to break.

Back from commercial in time for our other entrance.

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler (WWE World Cup Qualifying Match)

Circling, collar and elbow, Ambrose with a hammerlock, into a side headlock and the takeover, back to his feet, shot off, shoulder block connects and gets one. Snapmare into crossface strikes, again just a one count. Snap suplex, this one gets a solid two and Ziggler takes refuge in the ropes. Dirty break with a back elbow sets a neckbreaker up, and he builds on that with a sleeper hold, falling to the mat.

Dean rolling around, to his feet, Dolph with a leg kick, neckbreaker denied, duck the lariat, catch the crossbody and Ambrose hits a fallaway slam that sends Ziggler to the floor! Following after him, throwing him into the barricade a few times. Back inside, jockeying for position, cloverleaf denied, Dean up top, Dolph charges after him... AVALANCHE X-FACTOR SENDS US TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, Ambrose catches a superkick and catapults Ziggler hard into the post! Northern lariat, lariat, elbow, Dean’s running hot, gourdbuster into the top rope! Double chickenwing blocked, Ambrose counters the big DDT and gets the cloverleaf locked on! Dolph gets the ropes for the break and Hot Shots Dean into the top rope! Charge sidestepped, Hook and Ladder connects... NOPE!

Headed up top, Ziggler crotches him and climbs to meet him, jockeying for position but Dean hits a release gourdbuster off the top! Drew McIntyre runs in to cut him off, Rollins makes the save... AND AMBROSE DROPS THE ELBOW ON THE GIANT SCOT! Seth tries to help him up, Dean shoves him off, heads into the ring but Dolph is ready...

Dolph Ziggler wins by pinfall with a superkick, qualifying for the WWE World Cup.

Dean is lying in agony and frustration in the ring when Seth heads in, stopping to consider his brother a moment. Ambrose gets to his feet and Rollins approaches to try and talk it out, but Dean shoves right past him and storms off. Seth heads out after him, and they get into a shoving match! Jawing at each other, Roman Reigns shows up to get between them and play peacemaker when Baron Corbin comes out.

He walks past them and gets on the mic, asking if they’re still having problems. He doesn’t want the Shield to dissolve on his watch, so he’s going to give them a chance to fix their problems and redeem themselves in a rematch from last week, in trios action against the Dogs of War... tonight!

Commentary hypes up Kurt Angle vs. Authors of Pain as well as Lita & Trish Stratus.

Bayley and Finn Balor make their entrance as commentary hypes up the debut episode of NXT UK this Wednesday to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Dolph Ziggler is crowing about how they’ve got the Shield right where they want them. McIntyre says Braun will have his chance to get his hands on Roman later, but tonight he should crush Seth and Dean and make the Big Dog watch. Strowman says he’s not stupid, and if either of them screw up, he promises, they’ll get These Hands.

Finn Balor vs. Jinder Mahal

Circling, Mahal in with a front kick and a slam for two! Knees to the back into a reverse chinlock and we see that Samir Singh is back! Grinding Balor down in the chinlock, knee to the midsection, whip reversed, sunset flip into the basement dropkick and Finn is rolling at last! Kick to the face, Sling Blade connects, shotgun dropkick sets him up...

Finn Balor wins by pinfall with Coup de Grace.

Balor is ready to celebrate when Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush (who’s wearing the Blackheart coat from his Cage of Death entrance!) make their entrance. Lio hypes his man up, putting his unique, ah, scent over.

We go to break on a hype reel for Mixed Match Challenge.

Back from commercial in time for some more hype from Lio.

Bobby Lashley vs. Tyler Breeze

The bell rings but Rush begs off, saying the big man isn’t ready yet and tells him to hit ‘em with the money pose. Lashley flexes before climbing the turnbuckles to flex some more. One more flex while standing on the mat as referee Dan Engler begs him to start wrestling. Bob puts him in the corner and flexes right in front of him. Breeze ducks away, shoots in, shoved off, he gets an enzuigiri in, to the second for a crossbody but he’s caught right into the delayed vertical suplex!

Lio puts the suplex over as amazing and Lashley poses and flexes some more before following it up with a full nelson, absolute ragdolling Tyler! He throws Prince Pretty aside, charging shoulder thrust, Breeze with right hands, a dropkick, off the ropes... and he gets caught by the snap scoop powerslam! More posing, deadlift into the Canadian backbreaker rack...

Bobby Lashley wins by pinfall with the Yokosuka Cutter.

Commentary hypes Trish and Lita up again and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary informs us that Titus O’Neil made Ebony’s Power 100 list.

Trish Stratus makes her entrance, followed shortly after by Lita. Lita greets her old friend, Phil Adelphia, who must be in the crowd somewhere, and says it’s good to be back home. A week from Sunday is the first ever all-women’s pay-per-view, WWE Evolution, and you know they’re just--

Enter Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. As present and future Hall of Famers, Alexa thinks they’re on the same wavelength, and spins a tale about Lita being worried about being embarrassed at the show. James busts out her Trish impression of yore to talk about how great she is and how she’s going to put an end to Stratusfaction. Bliss puts her over and says she forgot the weird point that Stratus does, and Mickie does it for her.

James says the fact is they haven’t been in a WWE ring in a long, long, long time, and while they’ve been kicking back, she and Alexa have been kicking butt. Bliss says that Team Bestie reuniting is the epitome of nostalgia, but nostalgia is fleeting, and Evolution is going to be a cakewalk. Mickie says they compete every night all over the world and it’s gonna be so easy.

Bliss tells them to go home and dust their gear off, and James scoffs at the idea of just getting in the ring against them without a warmup, and finally Trish has had enough and cuts her off. She says at Evolution they have a chance to make history and they’re gonna talk about practice. Lita says they can make their career by beating them and they’re gonna talk about practice?

Gonna change the game for women in this sport, and you’re gonna talk about practice? But hey, practice makes perfect and they could probably use some. Right now. On them. Alexa says if they wanna go, they practice how they play. They advance on the ring... and stop short before turning around and leaving.

Cut to Bayley walking backstage. She passes RD Evans in the hall before rolling up on the Riott Squad, who mock her, saying nobody has to worry about Bayley without Sasha Banks or Finn Balor around, and the only power she has is the speed at which she runs away from a fight. Commentary hypes up Natalya vs. Ruby Riott as well as Shield vs. Dogs of War III in our main event before going to break.

Back from commercial in time for entrances.

Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) vs. El Conquistador (Handicap Match)

The graphic says Kurt Angle, but folks, trust me when I say it’s El Conquistador here.

Conquistador ducking and dodging, waistlock, Akam with a back elbow, whip across, sidestep the charge, leg pick into the ankle lock but Rezar makes the save! Baron Corbin is seated on the ramp, watching as AOP wipe El out, straight suplex lift...

Authors of Pain win by pinfall with a powerbomb / neckbreaker combination.

DRAKE MAVERICK notices something is amiss and demands they take the mask off... IT’S NOT ANGLE! KURT ANGLE SLAMS CORBIN ON THE STAGE!

We cut backstage to the Riott Squad squirting catsup and mustard on Natalya’s dressing room door, the dastardly rebels they are, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes the Royal Rumble up because tickets are now on sale.

Natalya cuts a promo during her entrance saying she’s not stupid enough to come to the ring without backup. Said backup consists of Bayley and a returning Sasha Banks!

Natalya vs. Ruby Riott

Natalya charges in and beats on Riott as she seeks sanctuary in the ropes! Ruby gets a kick off, mat slam into a cover, only one before following it up with a reverse chinlock right in front of Nattie’s seconds. Another mat slam when she’s in danger of escaping, Neidhart with a schoolboy for two, Riott returns an elbow to the same effect!

Cravate applied, Natalya arm drags her off but runs right into a hard STO... NOPE! Drawing her up in the corner, shoulder thrusts as referee Darrick Moore counts and warns her, going for the pop-up headscissors into the turnbuckles but Nattie has it scouted and sends her to the floor! Riott back inside, dragging her up and jawing at her, Neidhart with a big right into the double leg and the Sharpshooter’s on in the middle of the ring!

Sarah Logan runs in and breaks it up and Moore has no choice...

Natalya wins by disqualification.

We get a brief brawl and the Riott Squad end up with the upper hand, going to triple-team Neidhart but the Boss & Hug Connection recover and make the save! Back suplex on Logan, lungblower into a Bayley-to-Belly on Liv Morgan! Ruby back in, Nattie catches her with a German suplex and the babyfaces stand tall!

Elias is backstage getting his guitar picks from a crew member and berating him for not being able to find a green one to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get a hype reel for WWE’s breast cancer awareness effort.

Elias is in the ring to sing us a song. He plays a few bars and launches into his usual spiel about how WWE stands for “walk with Elias” before talking about how he went to lunch earlier with [local sports reference] and was told that true pain is going out and pretending like you care about Philadelphia every week. He continues, saying Gritty is not a mascot, but a spitting image of everyone in this city, a fat, ugly, googly-eyed slob. (Hey, I got that one, thanks Twitter!)

He begins playing his song for today... and is immediately cut off by Apollo Crews making his entrance.

He says he figured it was his turn to interrupt, and Elias says of course he wants to interrupt the best thing going and he better pray he’s on his good side because once you come out here, your career is in his hands and tonight is not the night he’ll make a star out of him. Crews says he’s right, he’s not like him, he doesn’t play guitar or sing and he’s not funny, but none of that matters when he’s in the ring.

Elias says he’s heard he’s talented but he’s never seen it, much like Bigfoot. Apollo says he gets it, it’s like Elias being taken seriously as a musician, right? He’s tired of sitting in the back and watching people pass him by, including the Drifter, and straight up, he’s sick of it. Elias says he’s a star, anything anyone would ever want to be, and what has Crews done? (He’s a former FIP Florida Heritage Champion, for one!)

Elias takes his accoutremonts off and charges in, whereupon Crews hits an enzuigiri! Military press, holding him up there, dropping him and jawing at him!

We cut backstage to Seth and Roman chatting and go to break ahead of the main event.

Back from commercial in time for entrances and a bit of hype for Crown Jewel.

Dogs of War (Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, & Drew McIntyre) vs. the Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & Seth Rollins)

Rollins and Ziggler to start, circling, collar and elbow, side headlock from Dolph, wrenching it in, shot off, drop down, leapfrog, crossbody caught and turned into a body slam! Tag to Ambrose, running double-teams for two, quick tag back to Seth, double whip into a shoulder block and they wishbone the Show-Off’s legs! Ziggler shoves Dean into Seth and they bicker but Reigns tags himself in to try and solve it.

Strowman freight trains everybody, big DDT from Dolph... NOPE! And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, McIntyre is in control on Reigns but the Big Dog fights to his feet and out with right hands. Off the ropes, spinning spinebuster into a jackknife pin but Roman kicks out! Tag to Ziggler, holding the Big Dog in place for a boot, stomps to the arm, chickenwing chinlock applied but Reigns powers out and hits a few lariats for separation!

Crawling, Drew gets the tag, off the ropes but Roman explodes into the leaping lariat! The paths are clear, Braun tagged in first and he passes Reigns to the corner for a lariat! Yelling at McIntyre about taking care of business and Drew tags himself in to put boots to the Big Dog! Dogs of War jawing at each other, tag from Strowman and he throws Roman into the corner!

Boot up on the charge, fireman’s carry denied, sidestep the second charge, fireman’s carry... SAMOAN DROP! Shield fired up for the tag and the tag team champions clear them fro the apron! Dolph tags himself in, quick tag to Drew, nobody for Roman to tag, they’ve got him up, Claymore / Zig Zag combination... ROLLINS AND AMBROSE BREAK IT UP! Booting the Dogs of War to the floor, the Shield lads resume their spot on the apron and it’s all up to the Big Dog!

McIntyre off the top... HE GETS CAUGHT BY THE SLICING RIGHT AND ROMAN TAGS THE ARCHITECT IN! Springboard lariat, tag to Dean, double-team lariats send Drew to the floor, they duck a freight train and knock Braun to the floor on the other side... STEREO DIVES ONTO THE CHAMPIONS! AND FOR BRAUN AS WELL BUT HE CATCHES THEM INTO A DOUBLE GOOZLE! SUPERMAN PUNCH TAKES THE MONSTER OUT!

Dean off the top, Future Shock reversed into a jackknife pin but Dolph breaks it up! Rollins knocks Dolph out of the ring, Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds... BUT ZIGGLER THROWS SETH INTO DEAN! Rollins and Ambrose argue, Dean goes for Dirty Deeds, Ziggler cuts them off, Zig Zag... DEAN KICKS OUT! McIntyre draws Dean up, going for the Claymore but the Big Dog cleans house with Superman Punches!

Strowman from behind, powerslam denied, sidestep the charge and the monster eats post! Drew charges in... BRAUN TAKES THE CLAYMORE IN THE CORNER! Roman off the ropes... SPEAR! Dolph from behind, Zig Zag blocked... TRIPLE POWERBOMB! THE SHIELD STAND UNITED! IT’S OVER!

The Shield win by pinfall with a triple powerbomb on Dolph Ziggler.

The Hounds of Justice hug and stand tall, leaving together while the Dogs of War regroup in the ring.

Braun gets in the ring and looms tall over Dolph, staring Drew down. He drags the Show-Off up and screams at him about These Hands... RUNNING POWERSLAM! CLAYMORE WIPES THE MONSTER OUT!

McIntyre storms off as Strowman struggles to his feet.

That’s the show, folks.

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