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Good news regarding Sasha Banks

There’s no shortage of conspiracy theory-inducing news items these days, so hopefully this update means we can close the book on a WWE-related one... at least until the next time folks get worked up about something Sasha Banks-related.

It seems that whether she was out with a back injury or for some other reason, The Boss is going to return to wrestling this week. PWInsider says there is something to Sasha being advertised for next Saturday’s house show in Maine - because they’ve confirmed she’ll be returning “to the road for WWE on next week’s live events”.

Doesn’t specify if that includes Raw on Mon., Oct. 15 in Philadelphia (she’s not listed as a “Featured Superstar” for that one like she is for Oct. 20 in Portland). But, if she’s wrestling anywhere this week, it means it’s possible she’ll be doing something at Evolution.

Excited for Banks return?

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