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John Cena talks like a man near the end

WWE released a typical behind-the-scenes video of its roster hanging around before Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia just under one week ago and it’s the standard fare. A lot of slow motion shots of wrestlers looking overwhelmed and/or in awe of the stadium the show was being held in.

It was John Cena who was most interesting when he gave his comments:

“I’m in a weird spot. You’re going to get like so many more vulnerable sound bites and quotes from me rather than like the typical ‘oh, we’re here and everything’s big.’ My moments in there are fleeting, and I’m well aware of that. I cherish, I always have, and I think my past actions speak for themselves. I always loved being out there but now not only do I love it but I take it all in. It’s really special. It’s really special, and that won’t be the last time you hear me say that. I’m very, very impressed. This is a cool thing and sometimes we get caught up in just doing another city and we forget how cool it is. There’s nothing in the world like it. I’m grateful to be here.”

We should probably prepare for an extended version of this. Cena hasn’t had any kind of meaningful television time for WWE since before WrestleMania, and that included missing SummerSlam completely. He’s been living in China for months for work outside of pro wrestling. He continues getting more work like that, preparing himself for the next phase of his life.

We also know that he’ll keep coming back for appearances like this one for just as long as WWE asks him too. So while he’s talking like a man near the end, and he may very well be, we can also assume “the end” could be another five or six or even 10 years away.

Hey, this same card was headlined by an Undertaker vs. Triple H “last time ever” match that set up another match between the two next month, and this came six years after they had an “end of an era” match.

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