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Cup of coffee in the big time: Instead of PR cover, WWE Evolution could end up as true crown jewel

The complexities of the upcoming WWE schedule are many, but while they “monitor the situation” in Saudi Arabia, some are turning their attention back to WWE Evolution.

More specifically, the role Evolution played as a self-serving PR opportunity — of course — and as a shadow in which to hide Crown Jewel.

This was tackled in a fantastic article at Higher Further Faster:

So, no, Evolution probably wouldn’t have happened at this very moment if the WWE hadn’t inked its controversial deal with Saudi Arabia. Would Evolution have happened eventually? Of course. But the fact that it’s happening now, under these specific circumstances, tells us that the WWE still sees feminism as a sword to wield against criticism, not a movement to be embraced for the betterment of society. If that is their line of thinking, we can expect them to make progress only when they stand to benefit the most from it. How often will they weigh the costs/benefits and find the progressive side wanting?

That WWE saw the opportunity to garner good press that will (hopefully) outweigh the bad when it comes to crunch time as the two shows fall within less than a week of each other is not surprising. And is, in fact, a benefit to women’s wrestling and its fans.

But more and more outlets are picking up on the story of WWE and their Saudi propaganda shows amid the alleged murder of Jamal Khashoggi — which now includes Turkish authorities claiming they have audio and video evidence where “you can hear how he was interrogated, tortured and then murdered.”

If the WWE’s “monitoring” of the situation — which one has to believe is primarily limited to “hoping the situation retains enough ambiguities and uncertainties to proceed with the show” — results in having to take action to cancel the event, we’re left with the true Crown Jewel: a chance for the women of WWE to show they can do all the heavy lifting with a pay-per-view event of their own.

I’d wish you a happy Friday, but I’m going to just re-post this cursed video instead (I’ve been laughing at it for about 12 straight hours now).

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