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A Sasha Banks injury update that’s already so over-analyzed we don’t know what to believe

What is it about Sasha Banks? The woman is a lightning rod for opinion. Fans (at least the ones who are “loudest” online) either love or hate her. The Boss’ tendency to be cryptic on social media in a way her supporters would call playful and her detractors troll-ish doesn’t help.

Anyway, here we are. More than a month since Banks’ last match, almost three weeks since WWE announced she was out of Mixed Match Challenge due to an undisclosed injury and with rumors swirling about what’s going on with the four-time Raw Women’s champ. Seeing as Evolution is right around the corner, people are desperate for an update on whether Sasha will or won’t be able to work WWE’s first all-women’s pay-per-view (PPV) event on Oct. 28.

Ryan Satin had one, although Pro Wrestling Sheet’s founder admits it’s not heavy on detail or corroboration:

Coincidentally (or not), shortly after Satin tweeted that, folks spotted an Instagram story from Banks’ husband Sarath “Mikaze” Ton. Under captions like “Thursday workout with my baby”, Sasha can be seen doing burpees in a garage somewhere. Squat thrusts are something it would be difficult to do with a bad back, but as noted, Satin wasn’t able to confirm how serious The Boss’ injury is, if she’s recovered, etc.

There’s also a chance this is old video Sasha and Mikaze purposely sent out to throw followers and the dirt screens off the scent of whatever is really going on with her. Internet sleuths have used recent photos of Banks to both prove (her hair is its current shade of purple!) and disprove (she’s doing work with WWE and Susan Komen this week, not working out at home!) the timing of her husband’s story... and we have no idea what to believe.

Overthink it like everyone else, then give us your guesses below. We’re gonna stick with Satin’s report for now, since he’s someone who has actually broken WWE stories before. We’ll let you know when we hear something a little more concrete from him or someone else.

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