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Watch Mike and Maria Kanellis debut on 205 Live

Thanks to 205 Live not being live these days, we knew about this in advance. But if you were avoiding spoilers or just wanted to see it play out for yourself, here are former Ring of Honor, TNA and Raw stars Mike and Maria Kanellis showing up on the purple brand during the episode which aired on WWE Network tonight (Oct. 10):

My favorite part might be Lince Dorado grooming himself like the Golden Lynx he is when Maria hit the stage. But it’s probably her “MOMLIFE” knee high boots. Or it may still be their entrance music.

Anyway... Mike looked lean and ready for action. Will that be more work with Dorado’s Lucha House Party? Could he make as big a splash as past main roster brand-hopping stars like Enzo Amore and Kalisto?

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