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Kevin Owens reportedly is really injured, headed for surgery

The whole thing felt like a work. After it aired on Raw this week (Oct. 8) and initially reported on it, fans and people who get paid to deduce the line between storyline & reality were pretty sure that Kevin Owens’ two injured knees were all part of the act.

Then KO tweeted this...

... and he was announced as being out of Mixed Match Challenge (Natalya’s replacement partner has yet to be revealed). Then Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer and POST Wrestling’s John Pollock’s sources told them that Owens is in fact injured. He’ll be taking time off for knee surgery, but beyond that we don’t know much for sure. And it’s possibly WWE and their doctors don’t either - at least not yet.

Pollock wrote, “It was conveyed to us that Owens is not expected to miss too much time, so it doesn’t appear to be a major injury.” But the Observer’s report says, “While reports are out that it will be minor surgery and he will be back shortly, in actuality they won’t know the severity of the knee problems until he goes into surgery and that will determine the seriousness of the surgery. There is no estimated time back because it is based on the severity of the injury and nature of the surgery.”

We’ll have to wait for word from the company, or folks within the company who talk to people like Pollock and Meltzer, before we can even guess when KO will be back.

Owens has talked about working through issues in the past, but has been remarkably resilent throughout his career. If he’s out for any substantial period of time, this will be his first prolonged trip to the “disabled list” in his WWE career.

Keep a good thought for him, and we’ll keep you posted.

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