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Rousey’s Pit? Never say never

Launch of their newest game is just days away, and WWE 2K19 has another great commercial ready to get you excited. This one features coverboy AJ Styles, pre-order exclusives Rowdy Ronda Rousey and Rey Mysterios and Ric Flair, the focus of the WOO! Collector’s Edition.

It’s the usual excellent piece of business hyping the game. And it got us us thinking about their theme, “Never say never”. Could Ronda become a gifted enough talker to end up with a talk show segment like her namesake, Roddy Piper.

Seems like the longest of long shots, but it wasn’t so long ago that SmackDown being the House That AJ Styles Built was a ridiculous notion, too.

A wild notion to be sure. But it’s a really good commercial!

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