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Rusev is using Alabama’s national title win to steal Triple H’s gimmick, taunt AJ Styles

Before you ask, the answer is “yes”. I do look for excuses to write about Rusev at least once a day.

You celebrate Rusev Day your way, I’ll celebrate mine.

Today, The Elated One is celebrating Alabama’s come-from-behind victory in the 2018 College Football National Championship Game last night (Jan. 8) in Atlanta. Not because he has any ties to the Crimson Tide, but because he knew their winning would upset noted University of Georgia fan AJ Styles:

Good news for Rusev... it’s working!

The Bulgarian Brute isn’t only out to help make the WWE champ’s day worse, though. He’s also stealing his boss’ gimmick. And don’t lie, Nick Saban, you’d rather have this than another* custom championship belt from Triple H, anyway...

So there you go. If Tua Tagovailoa is wearing that beauty at a parade in Tuscaloosa later this week, and AJ Styles breaks a controller when he sees it, then you know who to thank.

* I can’t find proof Trips sent Alabama a belt after one of Saban’s previous four national title wins at the school, but I’m assuming he did. They have at least a couple other straps floating around the sidelines.

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