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Enzo Amore gets stitches, says he needs x-rays on ‘broken leg’ after Raw

He’s still the Cruiserweight champ, and at least he has a lovely lady checking on his well-being, but the new year has not been great for Enzo Amore.

The Certified G started 2018 in a hospital being treated for the flu. He checked out to get to work on New Year’s Day and was turned away by his bosses at Raw. That meant his advertised title defense against Cedric Alexander would be postponed, and it’s believed cost him his spot in Mixed Match Challenge due to his being unavailable to film the partner reveal videos*.

* That Miz filmed his later and the final men’s participant for team Red has changed a few times anyway might mean this wasn’t the case... who knows? Bottom line is Zo was announced and then replaced.

After returning to work on the house show circuit, Amore finally got his prime-time championship match against Alexander - and won! But even that was just the silver lining on another 2018 gray cloud. In the bout, Zo was busted open with a cut which required stitches (check the video in the header if you like watching that kind of thing).

He also got his ankle twisted up beneath him taking a dive from Alexander, although whether that’s a real injury or a way to get to the countout loss finish is debateable. It didn’t look great, and Amore says he’s “gotta go get x-rays” on a “broken leg” in that above Fallout spot...

...but it also fits right in with how he’s been booked among the 205 Live set.

Stay tuned for updates on Zo’s busted wheel, and hope his year gets better. Or don’t, depending on how you feel about him.

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