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WWE confirms report that Samoa Joe is ‘legitimately injured’

UPDATE: WWE has confirmed the report. Ringside physician Dr. Chris Amann said, “during his match, [Samoa Joe] felt a pop at the bottom of his [right] foot. We took a look and believe he has a plantar fascia rupture, which is a thick tissue rupture under the foot. We will get an MRI to confirm. Treatment includes a period of immobilization in a boot with crutches and platelet rich plasma injections.”

Internet estimates for recovery from the injury range from six weeks to four months, but a period of at least a couple weeks keeping the foot immobilized and non-weight bearing is typically mandated.

Our original story follows...

If PWInsider is correct, bigger plans than Mixed Match Challenge pairings are about to change for WWE.

Coming off a hot program with Roman Reigns and a promo entering him in his first Royal Rumble match that also set-up a long awaited feud with John Cena, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle tweeted this morning that Samoa Joe was injured on the show last night (Jan. 8).

That announcement was made as part of revealing Elias as Bayley’s partner for the Facebook Watch show. As such, it seemed to be part of changing plans for that and probably not something that would greatly impact other things. But without being able to provide much in the way of details, PWInsider says their sources at WWE “have confirmed this is not a work and Joe is legitimately injured”.

Before we get too worked up, we’re missing two key pieces of information - type of injury and estimated duration of absence.

Pulling him from a show which isn’t set to start until next Tuesday (Jan. 16) and wouldn’t even necessarily require him to wrestle on its premiere episode - there are 11 other teams - could be a sign this is something that will sideline Joe for a month or more. On the other hand, it could just be a precaution because WWE doesn’t know much about the injury themselves.

This being from unofficial sources, even via one of the more reliable pro wrestling news sites, also means it could be wrong. The Destroyer wasn’t selling an injury, nor did anything stop him from cutting a post-match promo, on Raw last night.

So don’t completely freak out about what this means for Joe, or Cena’s WrestleMania plans, just yet. But feel free to speculate below and we’ll follow-up with more details and official confirmation as soon as we can, Cagesiders.