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The Balor Club run down Jason Jordan, The Shield to open Raw


Busy has picked up. Tonight’s (Jan. 8) Monday Night Raw began like any other; with Roman Reigns and a microphone in his hand. Then The Balor Club showed up and it was awesome.

Jason Jordan’s overall awkwardness nearly stole the show in Raw’s opening segment.

Before Jordan could get anymore side-eye from Reigns and tag partner Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows showed up to verbally smack down the Raw rookie.

Seeing Balor, Anderson and Gallows enter together, call for a “Too Sweet” together then brawl with Reigns, Rollins and Jordan was a little surreal.

Before the brawl could get out of hand, GM Kurt Angle came down to make the main event of Raw into a Club vs. Champion’s Club match-up.

You ready for a Balor Club vs. Shield feud? Kind of.

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