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Mojo Rawley stays destroying Zack Ryder in Twitter promos

Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder, former tag team partners in The Hype Bros, are once again on a collision course, this time poised to square off in a first round match-up in the United States Title Tournament on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. Naturally, both took to Twitter to cut promos about it and my lord is Rawley just worlds ahead of Ryder.


Jim Cornette once quoted Johnny Valentine as saying “I can’t make them believe that wrestling is real, but I can make them believe I’m real.” That’s what Rawley does here — he makes you believe in every word he’s saying. The emotion, the bite to his words delivered exactly the way you would expect from someone in his situation.

Now here’s Zack:

He just can’t turn it off. He is a caricature of a pro wrestler, and this is a caricature of a pro wrestling promo. The face he makes after saying he’s lived a nightmare takes you right out of it. This is a blood feud, man, get good and pissed already and knock it off with the cartoon delivery!

Watch those two promos and tell me who you believe in, Cagesiders.

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