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Paige is back on the road for WWE and at Raw; may not be cleared to wrestle

UPDATE: PWInsider is reporting there are no plans for Paige to wrestle in Memphis tonight (Jan. 8), so she may not be cleared.

Following what was described as a “scary moment” where a stretcher was brought to the ring when Paige had trouble moving after taking a kick to the back from Sasha Banks at a live event in Long Island on Dec. 27, WWE took the British Superstar off the road. There were no official updates on her condition, and that was seen as a sign there was nothing seriously wrong with the recently returned Absolution leader.

Still, a year removed from spinal surgery, they were understandably taking their time bringing her back. Despite being in Miami for Raw last Monday, Jan. 1, she did not come to the ring. At house shows since, she’s moved beyond filming backstage promos, but still hasn’t wrestled.

PWInsider is again reporting the former Divas champion is at Raw in Memphis today (Jan. 8), but there’s still no word if she’s been cleared for action.

Paige is declared for the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match on Jan. 28. Will WWE keep her out until then... if she’s cleared for action by then?

Stay tuned.

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