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A truly great poll from WWE

It’s a slow news day, yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it. That’s what WWE is doing with this poll up on its website today, which may be the greatest poll they’ve ever taken.

The Browns won’t even play another regular season game until September, which gives Hawkins plenty of time to pick up a win beforehand. That said, they were 0-16 this past year and 1-15 the year before. They are a truly awful team, an organization that consistently makes the worst possible decision.

But look at this:

The Browns have two top five draft picks, and if Josh Gordon returns next year there’s no reason they can’t steal a win somewhere on the schedule. What’s incredible about this, though, is that Hawkins will have so many chances to win a match before Cleveland ever takes the field.

As a fan of how wacky pro wrestling can be, and the forever hope that said wackiness can get over and help a talented wrestler make money in some meaningful way, it is my even more sincere hope that Hawkins continues losing and making the absolute most of it. As soon as he wins, he becomes just another guy on the roster.

Wins and losses do matter, folks. So keep losing, Curt. You’re much better off for it.

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