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Braun Strowman says he’s trying to get a ‘get these hands’ t-shirt made

Last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw gave us Braun Strowman as the greatest and best in the world when he told Heath Slater he could “get these hands” during an impromptu promo. It connected big with the live audience, because of course it did, and fans like myself have taken to putting him over for it.

Recognizing an opportunity when he sees one, Strowman told The J&J Show on ESPN Radio that he’s trying to get a shirt made:

“It blows my mind a lot of times because I don’t think about the stuff that I say half the time. Most of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is just random garbage and for some odd reason I’ll hit one that strikes a nerve with everyone every once in a while like I did this past Monday. Who knows what’s going to happen now? I’m petitioning for a ‘get these hands’ t-shirt.”

I love the idea that Strowman isn’t being scripted and he just goes out and says things. If true, they should let him do it a lot more.

And make that shirt, WWE!

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