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Seth Rollins loves his ‘CrossFit Jesus’ nickname

From an interview he did with ESPN for a feature on how CrossFit has changed training for multiple WWE stars:

“I think I bear a striking resemblance to the western version of Jesus Christ of Nazareth facially with my own beard and long hair and stuff like that, and I’m always talking about CrossFit, so somewhere along the line, somebody put that together and came up with the CrossFit Jesus moniker, which is fantastic. I think it’s wonderful. It’s funny and it’s correct and my wrestling school made a T-shirt out of it.”

CrossFit training has come under fire for leading to injuries but it’s also become increasingly popular, with Rollins becoming the face of it within pro wrestling. He missed a lot of time for multiple knee injuries but he also credits the regime for helping him get healthy again.

And you can’t argue with the look.

Plus, I mean, yeah, it’s a pretty cool nickname. Much better than the WWE approved “The Architect.”

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