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Report: WWE 2017 most matches, wins, losses and other stats released

Before the WWE closes the book on 2017, let’s fill the pages with some well tracked statistics. In pro wrestling wins and losses matter but how much do they matter?

Per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required and recommended) here are some stats for the WWE/NXT Universe and who wrestled the most, and how much they won or lost.

Most matches competed in:

Jinder Mahal 185

Baron Corbin 181

A.J. Styles 179

Sami Zayn 178

Charlotte Flair 173

Most wins in 2017:

Dean Ambrose 144

Shinsuke Nakamura 131

Seth Rollins 127

A.J. Styles 117

Roman Reigns 116

Highest winning %:

Asuka 1.000 %

Nikki Bella .947 %

Aleister Black .916 %

Drew McIntyre .899 %

Finn Balor .889 %

Most losses in 2017:

Natalya 131

Nia Jax 128

Carmella 125

Jinder Mahal 124

Aiden English 123

Worst winning %:

Curt Hawkins .000 %

Gabriel Ealy .032 %

Uriel Ealy .033 %

Bo Dallas .041 %

Brennan Williams .071 %

Some takeaways from the year end stats:

  • With 185 matches competed in, if nothing else Jinder Mahal was a fighting champion. Mahal began his year on Raw but finished the year having spent the majority of his time on the top of SmackDown.
  • You expected AJ Styles to make an appearance on the most matches lists but how about Baron Corbin? Corbin spent his first full year on the main roster wrestling night in and night out.
  • Best in the world? Styles is also the only wrestler to appear in the top five in both most matches and most wins categories.
  • Despite their fans often questioning their place in storylines, Dean Ambrose and Shinsuke Nakamura lead the way in the win column; with the Lunatic Fringe holding a 13 win edge on second place.
  • Nobody is ready for Asuka and her perfect winning percentage is still pretty impressive across an entire calendar year.
  • After his NXT run in 2017, is Aleister Black destined for NXT gold in 2018?
  • How did Nia Jax end up on the most losses list?
  • June 5, 2017 where were you when Bo Dallas defeated Curt Hawkins on WWE Main Event episode 244?

What are your takeaways from the year that was on the WWE main roster and down in NXT? Biggest stat surprise of 2017?

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