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Brothers of Destruction reunion!

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Now we know where Kane was crawling off to when he left that Philadelphia medical facility on Monday night...

Glenn Jacobs’ campaign to become the next mayor of Knox County, Tennessee hasn’t been afraid to tout the candidate’s sports entertainment roots - from the flame in his logo to merch that is just “Too Sweet”. That’s included lots of pro wrestlers at rallies and fundraisers, but The Big Red Political Machine saved the biggest guest star for March 1:

“Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor is proud to welcome WWE Superstars Kane & The Undertaker. These men have served as the corner stones of WWE for over two decades. Both were highly decorated champions as individuals and were also members of the most prolific tag team in WWE history, the Brothers of Destruction.

This event marks the first time that the two have ever appeared together outside of the ring and we want you to be a part of this special occasion.”

The $50 - $150 tickets for the event have already sold out, but I’m just glad to know the Jacobs campaign treats the candidate and his WWE character as two separate people, like Stephanie McMahon differentiated between Corporate Kane and THE DEMON Kane during The Authority’s heyday.

And it’s not quite a Brothers of Destruction reunion, but Chris Jericho is also headed to Knoxville to record a special episode of his podcast in front of a live audience, and there appear to still be tickets left for that Feb. 16 shindig.

If he wins the election this Summer (the Republican primary which is almost guaranteed to select the next mayor in the appropriately red county is May 1), can’t wait to see who shows up for his inauguration!