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Lots of former co-workers congratulate Rockstar Spud... I mean DRAKE MAVERICK... on his new gig

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Fans of his work in TNA and elsewhere, and those thrilled by the most pro wrestling name since Blaster McMassive, weren’t the only people excited by the introduction of Rockstar Spud... I mean DRAKE MAVERICK... as 205 Live General Manager last night (Jan. 30).

That’s not to say the people who’ve worked with Spud... I mean DRAKE... at Impact and elsewhere don’t like his new moniker. And I think it’s safe to say they’re fans of the man we now call MAVERICK...

We never worked with the guy, but we can’t help but be happy for someone who was willing to put over a toddler...

... and proudly wear the mantle of DRAKE YOUNGER MAVERICK (sorry, we love the death match king-turned-referee, too)!