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The Mixed Match Challenge is awesome

It was great in its first couple of weeks but it was especially incredible this week.

That’s Sami Zayn attempting to launch a sneak attack on Braun Strowman, taking a monster forearm to the chest for it, and Alexa Bliss laughing in his face while asking “how’s that feel?” Braun then throws Sami across the ring, where he tags out to Becky Lynch in a world of hurt. “Are you okay?” she asks. “I need a minute,” he manages to say while struggling to breathe. She repeats the question and he just escalates with each answer. “I need a minute. ... Two minutes. ... Three minutes.” Finally, when Becky turns to engage Alexa you can hear him say “give me four minutes.”

So good.

They lost the match, of course, but it wasn’t their fault. Nope, they blamed birthday cake:

Becky breaking at the 1:36 mark is delightful.

Finally, this happened during Strowman and Bliss’s post-match interview:

That is Braun freaking Strowman telling Alexa Bliss she’s kinda cute and the crowd responding with a “get these hands” chant. His reaction when she tells him “we’re going all the way” is gold. His reaction when she clarifies what she meant is even better.

This gigantic monster of a man managed to make the entire thing seem cute and not at all creepy. He really is the best. So is she.

So is Mixed Match Challenge.