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Mick Foley wants Sasha Banks to stop doing suicide dives

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Seems any time Sasha Banks works a high profile match, like the one she had with Asuka on the Monday, Jan. 29 episode of Raw, two things happen.

  1. She delivers.
  2. She does something that causes fans watching in the arena and around the world to think she might be seriously hurt and/or dead.

Okay, not really “dead”. But if you’re on Twitter or in a comment thread during big Sasha matches, I can almost guarantee the word will show up in joking expressions of concern time and time again.

The spot which got that reaction the most last night was a headfirst dive between the middle and top rope, into an Asuka kick on the floor. Banks hit the rope and the apron with her thighs en route to what appeared to be a headfirst landing on the ground.

You can see a GIF of it here.

Someone with some experience getting that same reaction from fans saw the match (or the GIF) and offered some advice to The Boss:

As The General, Geno Mrosko, said when he saw this tweet: “when Mick ****ing Foley is telling you not to do a move...”

Watching the spot again (and again, and again - aren’t GIFs great?) it does look like Sasha gets her arms to hit first before her skull. I’ve seen fans speculate she intentionally clipped her legs to make sure her trajectory brought her closer to Asuka’s foot than her mid-section.

I don’t know. I’m not a wrestler - just a guy who watches a lot of wrestling who’s not even that good at dissecting the technical elements of the performance.

What I can say is that a reason Banks is one of my favorites is because of the sense of abandon she conveys while wrestling. I don’t know if it’s real or an expertly constructed illusion, but I love that recklessness.

As with a lot of things in pro graps, though, that love is tinged with concern, or regret. I don’t want her or anyone to suffer for my entertainment. I certainly don’t want anyone to die.

So, yeah. When The Hardcore Legend says take it off the menu, maybe take it off the menu.