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WWE’s ‘Behind the scenes of Raw 25 at the Manhattan Center’ video is a lot more fun than the show we got

The anniversary edition of Raw which came our way from two New York City venues last Monday (Jan. 22) didn’t get a ton of rave reviews, but the fan reaction to what was offered up at the site of the original episode of WWE’s Monday night flagship was particularly rough.

Will diehard fans paying top dollar for sets and only getting a handful of matches, dispelled rumors about Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler falling asleep at commentary, questions about Undertaker’s promo and word Triple H audibled to have more talents brought over from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to appease a hostile crowd, The Manhattan Center portion of Raw 25 seemed destined to live in infamy.

And maybe it still will. But if WWE can get most people to remember the above “Behind the scenes” video rather than the show itself, it may be looked back on more fondly.

In interviews with Trips, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Finn Bálor and an out-of-kayfabe Taker (that still takes some getting used to, even as it becomes more and more the norm), this really conveys a sense of gratitude for the chance to celebrate wrestling history on hallowed ground - from the audience and the performers. The peek at how the production crew put together the throwback set and slow-motion footage of what little action there was is cool, too.

Check it out and see if you enjoy it more than what you watched a week ago on USA Network.

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