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WWE reportedly hires long-time Impact Wrestling star Jeremy Borash

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In a pretty shocking move, PWInsider says WWE has hired long-time Impact Wrestling announcer and producer Jeremy Borash.

Borash has been with the former TNA dating back to its beginnings in 2002, and one of the only talents to stick things out for the duration of the promotion’s chaotic history. Throughout their biggest setbacks and public relations snafus, he remained generally well thought of backstage where he was said to be a steady influence throughout periods of political tumult, and among fans where he was seen as a constant amid frequent reboots.

In recent years, many fans became more familiar with his name and the scope of the work Borash did behind-the-scenes as he was given a ton of credit for the success of the “Broken Universe” by both Matt Hardy and Anthem Entertainment. It’s conceivable creating the WWE Universe version of that material could be on his new list of job descriptions, but that’s just speculation as the hiring hasn’t even been officially announced despite Insider saying they have several Impact sources confirming his exit.

A former radio man who worked for WCW as a ring announcer and host before joining TNA, Borash also produced the British Bootcamp reality competition - which Impact used to introduce another rumored WWE hire, Rockstar Spud.

This could be another cost-cutting casualty for Impact, and/or a move to signal the Don Callis/Scott D’Amore era is different from all the ones which preceded it. Spinning it as something other than another blow to the brand will be difficult, however. Especially as Borash was already announced as the host of a revamped version of Fight Network’s Live Audio Wrestling show for Impact’s new Twitch channel, and recently called several months worth of television at their last taping.

What will Borash do for The ‘E? How, if at all, will Impact address his departure?

Stay tuned, scripted fight fans.

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