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Remember Goldust?

Not Cruiserweight Goldust.

I try to stay in the 2000-and-teens with my wrestling watching, but sometimes certain things happen that make me a little sad.

One of those things happened this week when Goldust was added to a cruiserweight tag team match and doubled down on 205 Live.

And I get it—Dustin Rhodes is a true man of the business who is doing what he can to help the youth and the company’s push for the division.

But man. I miss this Goldust.

We discussed this week on the latest edition of the Fourth Wall Wrestling Podcast.

Zach: “I want to talk about Goldust for a second. Do you remember Goldust when you were growing up? Because I do. I remember being supremely disturbed by Goldust when I was a child. I had no idea what I was seeing, it sort of scared me. It just sticks out in my memory—he’s a totally different wrestler and character than anyone else that was on that show back then. The fact that he’s still around and he’s still working, I think it’s impressive and cool and he’s overcome a lot in his life.”

Pete: “He and Marlena used to tongue-kiss outside the mouth and having not had kissed a girl yet, I was always intrigued by that.”

Zach: (laughing)

Pete: “I always remember he wrestled Roddy Piper (at Wrestlemania XII) and it was right around the time of OJ Simpson, and they had Goldust driving in a gold Cadillac and Roddy Piper chased him on the highway in a white Bronco, and they had a helicopter over it. It was Vince (McMahon) trying to really connect with the times, and they were all over the city and the ended up back in the ring. He’s had some great matches and he was a good Intercontinental champion back in the day.”

For that full discussion, analysis of the WWE Title Handicap Match announcement and Pete going “Ol’ Man Sween” on the Royal Rumble card, listen on the player below or click here.

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