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Daniel Bryan assumes if he isn’t cleared for WrestleMania 34, he won’t wrestle for WWE at all

This won’t do anything to quiet down speculation about Daniel Bryan being cleared by WWE and a possible return to the ring... possibly even as part of his current storyline with Shane McMahon on SmackDown.

In a brief interview with Sports Illustrated, Bryan praises WWE’s medical guidelines. But he also argues his situation isn’t “black and white”. Still, the Grand Slam champion is working on a timeline:

“There are a lot of issues with me getting cleared by WWE. They have a very strict protocol, which is a good thing, but the timeline of all that happening was not the best for me. It’s an interesting situation that will develop.

I assume that if I don’t wrestle by WrestleMania, I probably won’t be wrestling with WWE at all. That’s my assumption.”

There have been no reports indicating WWE has cleared Bryan, but there continue to be more and more signs - like his ongoing angle on Tuesday nights and interviews with major mainstream media outlets like SI - which indicate it hasn’t been ruled out all together.

Could it be further along than anyone is letting on?

According to DB, we’ll know one way or the other by the time WWE heads to New Orleans in April...

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