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Aiden English demands a recount in his politics-inspired feud with Xavier Woods

Aiden English and Xavier Woods campaigned in their first round showdown in SmackDown’s United States title tournament like it was an election. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that their battle might not have ended when referee Danilo Anfibio raised Woods’ hand on Jan. 2.

In fact, Anfibio’s nationality may be a key component of English’s legal challenge to Woods’ victory. Aiden is vowing to have his lawyers fight certification of the results:

“You know, I thought a lot about it and I think I’m gonna take this time to focus on my charitable endeavors and spending time with my cats and I just think...

No! No! I will not concede! Because you know, what happened out there was a travesty, and it was not constitutional. I will not stand by and let Daniel Bryan or Shane McMahon certify that result. I am demanding a recount. In fact, I have it on good authority that referee is Italian and not even a U.S. citizen. So I will not stand by and re-certify this decision.

So Xavier Woods? I will see you in court. #English2018”

Will this be resolved before The New Day’s representative in the tourney has to face Jinder Mahal in round two? Do we really want political satire in our sports entertainment when real politics feels like satire, but with much higher stakes?

Cast your vote below, Cageside constituents!

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