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Thanks to Bo Dallas, The Miz beats Roman Reigns in IC title rematch


One week removed from losing the Intercontinental championship, Roman Reigns invoked his rematch clause at the top of the second hour of tonight’s (Jan. 29) Raw. Reigns held the IC title for two months but only had to wait seven days to have another crack at The Miz.

An eight time IC champion, The Miz confidence was quickly extinguished in the early portion of the match. Reigns first strike was an uppercut right to the jaw of Miz and from there the former champ dominated the early portion of the match.

After taking a beating inside the ring, the champion was then beaten outside the confines of the ring.

After Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel were chased away by a steel chair, The Miz seized his first opening. Reigns took huge damage when he was rammed into the ring post shoulder first in the moments after The Miztourage ran to the back.

With the title match now truly one-on-one, Reigns and Miz traded big shots. Reigns hit a big Samoan drop, the ex-champ then went for a spear but had his legs taken out by a chop block courtesy of the Hollywood A-Lister.

A series of Yes (or A-List) kicks lead to long figure-four submission attempt from The Miz.

Off a thumb poke to the eye into a Skull Crushing Finale, The Miz got only two and maybe his best shot at beating Roman Reigns.

Nearly 20 minutes into the title match The Miztourage finally made their back into the ring and impacted the match. With Bo Dallas getting tossed into the ring, Roman Reigns was distracted just enough to get caught in a quick roll-up and the three count.

Is the end of Reigns chasing the IC title? Where does The Miz go from here?

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