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This exchange between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman at Royal Rumble sure looks like a shoot

The main man Geno Mrosko already shared a pretty amazing GIF of the straight right Brock Lesnar landed on Braun Strowman during their Triple Threat Universal title match at Royal Rumble on Sunday, Jan. 28.

A response from alleged frequent shooter (and new WWE Hall of Famer) Bully Ray Dudley to the original TDE Wrestling tweet of that GIF calling it a “R.E.C.E.I.P.T.” sent me back to watch the full exchange again.

You tell me if this doesn’t look like Lesnar was pissed Braun was a little too snug with that knee strike and got up looking to send a message with a combo that would be at home in a UFC Heavyweight bout:


In addition to an amateur lip reading of Lesnar’s immediate reaction to the knee, a subsequent bleeped profanity during Michael Cole’s call of “Brock got him back!” points toward a very angry Beast Incarnate looking for payback:

Now, there are no credible reports of issues/”heat” between the two men from before or after this incident (yet). They went on to finish the match like professionals. But based on what we know about pro wrestling locker room culture, a veteran and long-time draw like Lesnar taking issue with a popular but still green newcomer landing a too stiff shot, and that the younger star eating a few return punches as a lesson and not retaliating, is pretty believable.

So I’m comfortable calling this moment a shoot within a worked match.

That will probably be used as part of a bigger work, ‘cause pro wrestling.

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