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Alicia Fox has a broken tailbone, reportedly out ‘a few months’

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After last night’s announcement, first delivered by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, that an injury would keep Alicia Fox out of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match and Mixed Match Challenge, WWE revealed what exactly is sidelining the veteran.

“ can now confirm Fox has suffered a broken tailbone, known as a coccygeal fracture.”

The company did not reveal a time frame, but provided a clue by saying Goldust needs a new partner for their Facebook mixed tag show, since their team isn’t scheduled to compete until next week (Feb. 6).

PWInsider says she’ll be out a few months. The site also claims the injury did not occur during a performance, but in the ring during a workout session.

Fox is said to be understandably very upset about not being able to take part in Sunday, Jan. 28’s main event in Philadelphia. She was reportedly replaced by NXT’s Kairi Sane.

Get well soon, Foxy!