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The complete list of survival times for the 2018 women’s Royal Rumble match

The 2018 women’s Royal Rumble match lasted 59 minutes and 00 seconds (59m 00s).

The survival time for a superstar is the time that lapses between the point when she steps foot into the ring and the time that her feet hit the floor to signal elimination. This does not include the time it takes for a superstar to make her way from the entrance ramp down to the actual ring.

The average superstar survival time for the 2018 women’s Royal Rumble match was 10m 08s and the median survival time was 5m 41s.

Here is the full list of survival times for all 30 superstars:

  • 54m 46s: Sasha Banks
  • 30m 55s: Becky Lynch
  • 23m 12s: Natalya
  • 19m 24s: Asuka
  • 17m 42s: Nia Jax
  • 16m 57s: Carmella
  • 16m 14s: Nikki Bella
  • 16m 12s: Sarah Logan
  • 11m 49s: Brie Bella
  • 11m 16s: Ruby Riott
  • 8m 24s: Michelle McCool
  • 8m 02s: Mickie James
  • 6m 33s: Naomi
  • 6m 19s: Sonya Deville
  • 5m 54s: Ember Moon
  • 5m 28s: Lita
  • 5m 20s: Trish Stratus
  • 4m 53s: Liv Morgan
  • 4m 44s: Kelly Kelly
  • 4m 40s: Bayley
  • 4m 29s: Kairi Sane
  • 3m 48s: Molly Holly
  • 3m 28s: Mandy Rose
  • 2m 44s: Dana Brooke
  • 2m 41s: Torrie Wilson
  • 2m 33s: Lana
  • 1m 59s: Beth Phoenix
  • 1m 27s: Jacqueline
  • 1m 19s: Tamina
  • 0m 58s: Vickie Guerrero

Many of these times differ greatly from their counterparts on’s official list of survival times. It seems like WWE’s web site must also include a superstar’s entire entrance time as part of the survival time because most of their times are north of mine by 20 seconds or so.

Then there is a case like Carmella or Natalya, where their listed time is about two minutes apart from mine. In these cases, WWE must be counting the time they were lying on the ground prior to ever entering the ring.

That’s not to say my times are perfect. Every listed time should be viewed with a margin of error of about 3 seconds or so.

The bell to end the match did not ring until about 1 second after Nikki was eliminated. I counted this extra second as part of Asuka’s survival time.

So there you have it, Cagesiders. Which of the above numbers surprise you the most? Are you bothered by the fact that Kelly Kelly lasted longer than Beth Phoenix?

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