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Men’s Royal Rumble 2018 Iron Man: Finn Balor

When Finn Balor entered the men’s Royal Rumble from the number two position, despite all those rumors and reports that WWE Boss Vince McMahon doesn’t think he’s “over” enough for a Universal title shot on this very show, it seemed like a sign he would be in the match for a long, long time.

Sure enough, he was.

He’ll tell you himself!

That is also the number WWE had for him and in line with what our official stat geek Cain A. Knight had clocked (be on the lookout for official match timing stats on the site sooner rather than later). Even if it’s off by a few minutes, it’s still enough to ensure he was the Iron Man of the match. Shinsuke Nakamura, the winner, lasted just under 45 minutes from the number 14 position.

Balor also eliminated more wrestlers than anyone else in the match with four.

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