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Asuka wins the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble

It was an historic night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tonight (Jan. 28) at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV). They hosted the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match and closed the show with it.

In the end, it was Asuka who took the victory and will forever be able to claim she won the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble.

The final four was Asuka, the Bella Twins, and Sasha Banks. This turned into a 3 on 1 beatdown on the Empress. But when the Boss was going for her corner knees, the Bellas tossed her over the top rope.

This left Asuka and the Bellas. The Empress delivered some wicked kicks to both Bellas. Brie found herself on the apron when her sister elbowed her to the floor.

The fresher Nikki took it to Asuka, dumping her over the rope onto the apron. She ran at the Empress, who landed a kick and then wrapped her feet around Nikki’s head and pulled her to the apron with her. A battle ensued and Asuka knocked Nikki to the floor, winning the match.

Here’s a list of who was in the match:

1. Sasha Banks
2. Becky Lynch
3. Sarah Logan
4. Mandy Rose
5. Lita
6. Kairi Sane
7. Tamina
8. Dana Brooke
9. Torrie Wilson
10. Sonya Deville
11. Liv Morgan
12. Molly Holly
13. Lana
14. Michelle McCool
15. Ruby Riott
16. Vickie Guerrero
17. Carmella
18. Natalya
19. Kelly Kelly
20. Naomi
21. Jacqueline
22. Nia Jax
23. Ember Moon
24. Beth Phoenix
25. Asuka
26. Mickie James
27. Nikki Bella
28. Brie Bella
29. Bayley
30. Trish Stratus

And here’s who was eliminated:

1. Mandy Rose (Lita)
2. Tamina (Lita)
3. Lita (Becky Lynch)
4. Kairi Sane (Dana Brooke)
5. Dana Brooke (Torrie Wilson)
6. Torrie Wilson (Sonya Deville)
7. Sarah Logan (Molly Holly)
8. Sonya Deville (Michelle McCool)
9. Liv Morgan (Michelle McCool)
10. Molly Holly (Michelle McCool)
11. Lana (Michelle McCool)
12. Vickie Guerrero (Banks, Lynch, McCool, Riott)
13. Michelle McCool (Natalya)
14. Becky Lynch (Ruby Riott)
15. Jacqueline (Nia Jax)
16. Kelly Kelly (Nia Jax)
17. Ruby Riiott (Nia Jax)
18. Naomi (Nia Jax)
19. Beth Phoenix (Natalya)
20. Ember Moon (Asuka)
21. Carmella (Nikki Bella)
22. Mickie James (Trish Stratus)
23. Nia Jax (everyone)
24. Bayley (Sasha Banks)
25. Natalya (Trish Stratus)
26. Trish Stratus (Sasha Banks)
27. Sasha Banks (The Bella Twins)
28. Brie Bella (Nikki Bella)
29. Nikki Bella (Asuka)

Here are some notable moments from the match:

  • Crowd was a little quiet early on, but they woke up for Lita. Lita scored the first elimination by knocking out Mandy Rose. Later on she hit a double moonsault to Becky and Sasha. Becky Lynch was booed when she eventually eliminated the Hall of Famer.
  • Philadelphia chanted “Undertaker” at McCool. Because of course they did. Despite that, McCool went on a tear, eliminating four women when she entered.
  • Vickie Guerrero does her “Excuse Me” bit when she gets in the ring. It stops the four women to stop fighting each other. They all run at her and toss her over the top rope. On her way out, Carmella showboats in front of her so Vickie hits her with Carm’s own Money in the Bank briefcase!
  • Naomi was knocked off the apron but landed on a pile of bodies, never touching the floor. She climbed to the barricade and walked over to a rolling chair. And then she put her feet on the chair and walked on her hands to the ring steps to get back into the ring! Amazing save but was immediately eliminated by Nia when she got in.
  • Beth Phoenix and Nia had a great stare down that the crowd was really into, earning it the “This is awesome!” chant.
  • Beth and Nattie teamed up and shared a hug. The Divas of Doom reunion was short lived as Nattie then immediately eliminated Beth.
  • Asuka eliminated Ember Moon, proving once again, Ember cannot defeat the Empress.
  • Mickie and Trish were the only two standing at one point and the crowd went nuts for the moment remembering their epic rivalry.
  • After spending some time outside, Nia Jax climbed in but was attacked by everyone. She exploded out of the pile sending bodies everywhere. It eventually took everyone to eliminate Jax.

Find all of the results from the Royal Rumble here.

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