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All the surprise entrants in the women’s Royal Rumble match

The current WWE roster only allowed for 17 women to enter the first ever Royal Rumble match tonight (Sun., Jan. 28, 2018) at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. That left 13 slots for anyone from NXT and surprise returns or debuts.

Click here to see who showed up from NXT.

As for the other surprises, the first was Lita at the number five spot. She may not have been invited to Raw 25 but she was the first invite of any other Legend here! She was also the first woman to eliminate another woman in a Royal Rumble match, as she tossed out Mandy Rose, who, then, became the first woman ever eliminated in a Royal Rumble match. Ultimately, Lita was eliminated by Becky Lynch.

The next surprise was Torrie Wilson at number nine. The crowd responded to her by giving her a chant and she rewarded them by eliminating Dana Brooke, who the crowd was mad at for tossing Kairi Sane. She didn’t last much longer after that, however, as Sonya Deville took her out with relative ease.

Next up was Molly Holly at number 12. The former hardcore champion got a big pop from an adoring Philadelphia crowd. She got in and knocked everyone down before quickly eliminating Sarah Logan.

At number 14, Michelle McCool was the next surprise. This resulted in an “Undertaker” chant from the crowd, because she’s married to the man and I guess the crowd wanted it known they know? I don’t know. She dumped out both Liv Morgan and Sonya Deville before also tossing Molly Holly. Then she did the same to Lana. She lasted for some time after, finally getting eliminated by Natalya.

The next surprise? VICKIE GUERRERO. She was in at number 16, shouting “EXCUSE ME” as she always used to. She wasn’t dressed to wrestle. Stephanie McMahon wondered if her strategy was to talk in that shrill voice in the hopes her opponents would eliminate themselves so they didn’t have to listen to her. Instead, they all got together and tossed her out.

Kelly Kelly was the next surprise at number 19. As soon as she got in, Natalya almost threw her out but she managed to hang on. She didn’t do much of note before getting eliminated just after Nia Jax got in.

Jacqueline came in at number 21, tried to help Natalya throw out Kelly Kelly but ended up getting tossed shortly after.

The next surprise was Beth Phoenix, who entered at number 24 when only Nia Jax was standing in the ring. Sasha Banks was still in but out of the ring selling. Natalya was also out selling and she got back in to help her try to toss Jax, although they failed because she went through the second rope. Ultimately, Nattie turned on her after they hugged over their failed elimination and threw her out.

None other than Nikki Bella came in at number 27, to a huge pop. She reignited her feud with Carmella, eliminating her from the match.

Right after her at number 28 was her sister, Brie Bella. She ran wild to “YES” chants, taking it to everyone in the match other than her sister. They teamed together to take out Banks once it was down to the final four. Brie was then taken out by Nikki, who took advantage while Brie was on the apron. In the end, it was Asuka who tossed Nikki to win the match.

The final surprise of the night was Trish Stratus at number 30. After some interaction with the Bellas, they set up Trish and Mickie James coming together in the middle of the ring. They battled and Trish got the better of it, eliminating James. Later, she took Natalya out too. She got a bit cocky with Banks, though, and ended up eliminated for it.

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