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Chris Jericho is totally in Paris getting ready for a Fozzy gig (unless he’s hiding on a bus in Philly)

It’s Royal Rumble day! That means lots of speculation about who could be surprise us with an appearance in the big match.

This year, we have two big matches, which means double the surprises. And that it might be easier to make a list of people who AREN’T in Philadelphia for the pay-per-view on the weekend of Jan. 28 as opposed to the lengthy list of legends and potential WWE signees who are in town.

One person who we’ve known wouldn’t be in town for quite some time is Chris Jericho. The Wrestle Kingdom co-main eventer’s has a gig booked in France with his chart-topping band Fozzy for a while now. And there’s no way he could in Paris and Pennsylvania today, right? #UnlessItsAnElaborateWork #ButItsDefinitelyNot #WeDontThinkButWithY2JCanWeEverCompletelyRuleItOut

Working us from Europe and hashtagging like The Rock. That’s why he’s The GOAT.

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