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Vince McMahon wants to make the XFL faster because 3 hours is a lot

During Vince McMahon’s conference call to announce a new version of the XFL would be launching in 2020, a particular quote stood out when discussing making the game faster:

“The intent is to make it a much faster game. Sitting and watching a three, three-and-a-half hour game is laborious sometimes. Sometimes it’s not, depending on the quality of the play, but we intend to have a much faster game. We’re going to try to get to two hours, that’s our goal. That’s an experience I think that most people would enjoy and doesn’t take up a lot of their time.”

Yes, indeed. Watching a program for three hours each week is indeed laborious outside of the rare occasion that said program’s content is good enough to negate that. Two hours is most definitely a much more manageable amount of time, and far preferable to fans.

Two hours instead of three. That’s a hell of an idea.

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