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A very good picture of Nia Jax and a potential 205 Live GM

Despite Raw 25 going down this week, the biggest pro wrestling story of the past few days has been the fall and release of Enzo Amore. We have covered Enzo’s trip from getting suspended by the WWE on Monday, a release from the company on Tuesday and reports of why he was ultimately released surfacing on Wednesday.

On camera the Enzo Amore character abdicated the WWE cruiserweight championship and talk of him will likely be kept to a minimum moving forward.

Before he was released, Enzo was the face of 205 Live and almost every storyline on the show focused on the now former cruiserweight champion. For over a month Enzo’s budding romance with Nia Jax has been a huge focal point for both wrestlers.

For his part other than Enzo, Drew Gulak has been the other breakout character from the Tuesday night WWE Network show. The king of Power Point presentations served as Enzo’s right hand man during his rise to WWE gold.

With Enzo Amore out of the picture, where do Jax and Gulak go from here? The pair take a great selfie together but will they get to continue working together moving forward on WWE TV?

On Tuesday (Jan. 23), SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan announced 205 Live will appoint their own General Manger on next week’s episode.

Do you think the WWE will want to distance itself further from Enzo by removing Jax completely out of any cruiserweight storylines? Or could this be an opportunity to promote Jax and Gulak as possible co-GMs of 205 Live?

Nia Jax would provide another household name to the cruiserweight landscape, while nearly everyone agrees that Drew Gulak is ready for an even bigger role on 205 Live.


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