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Mark Henry wants to see Finn Bálor be more ambitious

Finn Bálor and his buds Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows got a nice rub at Raw 25 when they shared The Manhattan Center ring with D-X and The Kliq.

Will it be enough to get Finn “over”?

According to Mark Henry on Busted Open Radio, that’s entirely up to him.

To hear someone like Henry, a veteran and locker room leader who might not be retired but is definitely in the “player/coach” phase of his career, subtly tell the Irishman to be a little more aggressive is definitely noteworthy.

Here’s what The World’s Largest Man said in conversation with Bubba Ray Dudley and Dave LaGreca:

“As far as somebody that they come on and I really wanna watch what’s gonna happens next, Finn Bálor. I’d like to see him take a more prominent role, but that’s up to him. Some people float along, you gotta be ambitious, as you know. I think me and you [Bully Ray] may need to have a sit down and tell him who he really is. Some of these guys, and that’s the thing about wrestling... I talk about believing in yourself to the point to where it’s real. Our fans, it’s real to them. There’s no ‘Hey, is wrestling real?’ No. Wrestling is real. But to him, he don’t know yet. He don’t know how real it could be.”

There are lots of ways to interpret Henry’s remarks. In the same clip, the former World champ praises Roman Reigns’ “action” and how he conveys the impact of his opponents’ offense during matches. Is he talking about Bálor’s in-ring selling? Or is this about not being afraid to swim with the sharks more backstage? Could he be getting on Finn for his happy-go-lucky persona in real life and outside the ring? All three?

Bálor came up through Japan, so it’s hard to imagine he hasn’t heard a lot of this before. But as Triple H is always fond of saying, WWE is a different beast than any other wrestling promotion in the world.

Whatever Mark’s talking about, Finn better find it, lest he find himself in The Hall of Pain... without any brass rings.

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