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Sasha Banks called out Asuka and admitted to fantasizing about Sheamus on TRL

Not sure if this is the kind of WWE publicity appearance we need more of or not, but Sasha Banks’ visit to MTV’s TRL yesterday (Jan. 23) was definitely interesting.

During the sitdown interview portion of the afternoon talk/variety show, things went about as you’d expect. The Boss and fellow guest, rapper Justina Valentine who’s currently competing on The Miz-hosted The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, discussed their hair color choices and Sasha plugged Royal Rumble by calling out Asuka (who she’ll also face in round two of Mixed Match Challenge, dontchaknow):

“We have the Women’s Royal Rumble coming up this Sunday on the WWE Network, so we were just throwing it down. Letting people know what’s gonna happen this Sunday and, ah, Asuka [does “I’ve got eyes on you” gesture]... I’m gonna against 29 other women but she’s the one I want to touch me.”

Typical in-character Boss talk... but things get a little weird when Valentine and Banks play a game with ping pong balls called “Sink or Spill”. Sasha outs herself as a farter (hey, as she says, we all do it) and admits to her most embarrassing crush:

“Oh my god! I don’t want to admit this! Sheamus from WWE - when I was a child! When I was little! I know! I thought he was cute... I still love him, I still love him.”

So now we know. And Sheamus feels old.

Thanks, TRL!

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