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Possible Kevin Owens injury overshadows Sami Zayn’s win over AJ Styles

Something was off about tonight’s (Jan. 23) main event between AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The SmackDown world title scene took one final swerve before Sunday’s handicap match at the Royal Rumble.

Booked earlier in the evening in back-to-back matches with Owens then Zayn, SD Commissioner Shane McMahon added another stipulation to the proceedings after Styles made his entrance.

If Zayn or Owens interfered tonight their handicap title match would turn into a one on one affair this Sunday.

Then Styles tapped out Owens in less than a minute of ring time and it was really confusing. Owens showed nothing and his match with Styles was over before Zayn could even tease interference.


The story quickly shifted away from the Zayn versus Styles match and into how injured Owens was outside of the ring.

A week ago reports of Kevin Owens injury started to leak and perhaps the WWE were looking to weave KO’s bumps and bruises into his feud with Styles.

Zayn would go on to win a great match with Styles but post-match the story would again shift to Kevin Owen’s leg injury.

Is Kevin Owens less than 100% heading into Sunday? Could a injury to Owens be the deciding factor that allows AJ Styles to retain the title at the Royal Rumble?

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