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WWE announces a 205 Live General Manager will be named next week

WWE revealed earlier today that SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan would make a special announcement at the top of this week’s episode of 205 Live concerning the cruiserweight championship and rumors of bringing on a GM. Here’s what he had to say:

“On behalf of WWE it is my duty to inform you that Enzo Amore has abdicated the WWE cruiserweight championship and will no longer be a part of 205 Live. I wanted to be the one to address the situation because of my personal connection to the cruiserweight division. I was very proud to work on the Cruiserweight Classic, which inspired the creation of 205 Live. I know first hand about the untapped potential that lies within the Superstars of 205 Live. So, it is my pleasure to announce that next week a 205 Live General Manager will be named, and his or her first course of action will be to address the cruiserweight championship situation. Whoever is chosen for this responsibility, I know that it will be someone who will give this brand the direction it needs so that it can deliver the exciting breathtaking in-ring action that you all deserve.”

This was necessitated by WWE releasing Enzo Amore following allegations of sexual assault.

No word on who may be in the running for the new General Manager gig. Hey, haven’t there been rumors of Rockstar Spud showing up anytime?

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