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Mean Gene was not a fan of AJ Styles’ Hulk Hogan impression

Raw 25 didn’t exactly welcome any estranged members of WWE’s family back to the fold, but it didn’t outright avoid anyone from sports entertainment’s past (with one exception), either.

A cross-legged, microphone-holding CM Punk appeared in one of the photo montages which brought the show back from commercial. Triple H shouted out Chyna will recounting D-Generation X history at The Manhattan Center. And Hulk Hogan was shown in images and kind-of made an appearance as part of WWE champion AJ Styles interview with Mean Gene Okerlund.

The live audience seemed to like AJ’s Hulkster (although the lack of a loud roar probably didn’t do much for Hogan’s dreams of a WWE comeback), but Hall of Famer Okerlund greeted it with an exasperation he used to save for Roddy Piper or Bobby Heenan...

Trial ballons by WWE, or all part of the act? Between Mean Gene’s reaction here and Jerry Lawler uttering “Oh, man” on a live microphone when The Game mentioned Chyna, it almost appeared like they were covering their bases and honoring these important figures from the past while also disapproving.

But I’m probably reading too much into things (as usual). This was live television, featuring people - just like us fans - who have different opinions about others and how they’ve been treated or their legacies handled.

The proof will be in whether Hogan shows up at WrestleMania, or Joanie Laurer ever gets the Hall of Fame berth she always wanted.

We shall see.

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