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No, Jim Ross didn’t fall asleep at The Manhattan Center during Raw 25... probably because of the fan riot that almost broke out

A Triple H promo straight out of his “We Are NXT” playbook managed to turn the tide, and when even more Legends and current Superstars followed the crowd-pleasing D-X/Bálor Club team-up for a dark match segment, WWE averted the full-on fan revolt which seemed possible at The Manhattan Center halfway through Raw 25.

People who reportedly paid a premium for tickets (“super-fan” Frank The Clown says ringside seats were $835, and he knows of people who laid out four figures) were not happy to only get a handful of segments and just two official matches in more than three hours at the venue. The beleaguered Cruiserweight division was sent out a couple times during commercials while vignettes were playing on the big screen at Barclays Center... and they were not treated kindly (this and other videos originated with Twitter user HashBroJones):

So when this photo made the rounds on Twitter, I think most people assumed it was a joke, but you had to wonder...

Hall of Famer Jim Ross was quick to shut it down, however, asserting that despite only getting to call a handful of action all night, he and The King did not take a nap on Monday:

So, there you have it. No riots, no sleeping, but lots of unhappy people.

Happy anniversary, Raw!

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